Shift Focus

This project is a 2 minute motion piece I did in ArtCenter. Shift Focus began as a simple, albeit cheesy, question. What us the meaning of life? Every person finds this in a different way. Olympians will devote their whole youth for a moment every four years. Scientists will be content to spend their days discovering new things about our world. A business man makes it his life’s goal to grow his company. What we make purposeful becomes our meaning for life. So what happens when we are not able to pursue our goals? The feelings can be causing. It is easy to understand on a personal level but much more complicated to see it from another’s perspective.

Shift Focus hopes todo just that by beginning the conversation on selflessness. The viewer is engaged in an over-the-top egocentric perspective in the first half to drive home the issue. It is purposely made to evoke a feeling of bleakness. The viewers is then presented with a solution, that life is not just about ourselves. By doing so, the hope is that the audience will begin a personal dialogue about how they can become more engaged in the lives of other people, in a positive way. This can come in the form of volunteering, serving, or just random acts of kindness. By Shifting our focus, hopefully we can all dine that there is more meaning for our own lives as well.

2017 Adobe Design Achievement Awards - Finalist


: motion, after effect,
  illustration, 3d

Final Video


Animating the project was an interesting challenge. We knew that we wanted the final output to always be a flat 2D look however we found that simple 2D animation with After Effect was not always not always the solution to animating. At times, we would use Cinema 4D to create and animate objects that would move in 3D space and at other times we would create animations frame by frame in Photoshop. If those did not achieve the look we were looking for we would do a video shoot and rotoscope a frame.

Through the process of animating the piece, we would find that certain frames were not as dynamic even when animated. Scenes like the computer scene went through several revisions. Luckily, the team wad very committed to creating something beautiful at all costs and pulled through to finish the project.


collaborated with; Kevin Jan, Khloe Kim, Natasha Yeh and Froyo Tam

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